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The Secrets Leaders Keep – AmyK Hutchens

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Insightful Stories & Provoactive Questions that Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Winning Big in Business and Life

“A tremendously engaging read. AmyK reveals the fears and foibles we all face, sparking readers to reflect on our own leadership journey.”— Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times Bestselling Author of Triggers

San Diego, CA – Leadership is something every organization and company has to deal with on a daily basis. Where are we going? Why are we going? Who is leading? Are they worthy of following? Issues surface daily about the ripple effects from leaders like Jeff Bezos’ working conditions at Amazon to Twitter naming a new CEO. In her new book, The Secrets Leaders Keep (Emerge Publishing, Oct. 2015), AmyK exposes the doubts and fears most leaders are not willing to share. Secrets about who they are, how they play and why they lead the way they do.

Drawing from her intimate experiences facilitating Leadership Think Tanks in multiple cities across America for over a decade, The Secrets Leaders Keep is jammed packed with take-a-ways leaders can use to accelerate their Leadership Learning Curve. With ‘cut-to-the-chase insights’ and hilarious, poignant stories, AmyK’s Secrets will resonate with seasoned executives as well as emerging managers. Through the intimate lens of 14 different leaders, including but not limited to: a serial entrepreneur, non-profit leader, football coach, CEO, VP of Marketing, a former politician, an architect, as well as an activist, the book pulls you into the lives of relatable characters by ingeniously capturing the fears and foibles they face on a daily basis – the secrets leaders keep. The unique story-telling approach reveals secrets that most leaders would not readily share. Secrets about their politics, philosophies and perceptions. Secrets about who they are, how they play and why they lead. Secrets about how they struggle with personal and leadership growth while simultaneously growing a company or an organization’s bottom line. And in true AmyK style her provocative questions force readers to face their own secrets and work toward being leaders even more worthy of their followers.

AmyK likes to say, “People don’t want another slide deck. Storytelling is ingrained in our DNA. There are some aspects of life where we need to hear stories in order to better understand the message.”

Underneath the title, the role, or the business jacket of a leader is a human being struggling to figure it out – a leader with secrets. “Leaders often keep secrets because they believe others will find it difficult to understand the basis for their leadership success or failure. They believe others will scoff at the simplicity or complexity of their leadership style or criticize their work ethic. Many leaders find it even harder to share their secret fears, weaknesses and self-doubts for fear of being judged harshly or being perceived as unworthy of their leadership position.”

Leaders often say, “It’s lonely at the top!” AmyK’s response, “Not anymore!”

AmyK-Headshot_ULCAbout AmyK Hutchens:
A former executive of a billion dollar global consumer products company and awarded International Speaker of the Year by Vistage UK (World’s leading CEO membership organization), AmyK is a catalyst for producing sustainable solutions for today’s most pressing challenges. More than 40,000 executives around the globe have benefited from her keen insight and understanding of the issues leaders face.
Having received her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University, her executive development firm focuses on leadership, healthy team cultures and innovative thinking. With client’s including AT&T, Wells Fargo, BioCure Rx, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Dematic, Digitech Systems, Herman Miller and hundreds more, AmyK and her team travel the world helping senior executives lead and collaborate more effectively.

ISBN: 978-1-943127-11-5
Release: 10/30/2015
Pages: 256 pages
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Hardback
Price: $24.95
Website: www.amyk.com

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