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Another Shot! A Game Plan for Rebounding in Life by America’s #1 Christian Success Coach – Dave Martin

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Another ShANOTHER SHOT 3D BOOK COVER-combined transp bkgr copyot was written for me. And for you. And for anyone who has had to try again. This book is personal and powerful.”
— Carl Lentz, Hillsong NYC, Patron Saint of the NBA

Orlando, FL – In America, we love determined people. There’s just something about the American mindset that applauds the individual who refuses to accept defeat, who won’t give up, and who won’t go away. Take for example Tim Tebow, who recently signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, and his comeback. “There’s a fresh wave of ‘Tebowmania’” (USA Today, 4/22/15). As success coach and author Dave Martin says, “You will never lose if you get back up.” And in his new book, Another Shot (Emerge Publishing, June 2015), Dave shares his time-tested advice of how to get back up to succeed.

Drawing from many of his own life experiences, Another Shot relates a few of Dave’s own mishaps – like being expelled from college and making and then losing a million dollars before he was thirty.  The book then demonstrates the steps he took and the habits he developed to rebound from these missteps to become a highly respected success coach and leader. Using the analogy of basketball (and sports in general) to illustrate the ‘game of life’, Dave parallels life truths to the fundamentals that guide the game of hoops. “In basketball, for instance, the rebounder is the designated team member who is responsible for grabbing the ball after a missed shot so another shot can be attempted…,” states Dave. “Like a rebounder, we must be the one to grab the loose ball and put it back up again in an extra effort to score.”

Woven throughout the book are solid coaching moments including stories of athletes, business professionals, politicians, history-makers, and Bible characters who failed, had devastating setbacks in life, and then rebounded to achieve their greatest victories.  Using the characteristics of Attitude, Effort and Technique, Another Shot is organized in three sections:  The Attributes of a Winner (Determination, Aggressiveness, Fearlessness); The Basics of the Game (Preparation, Positioning, Teamwork), and The Results of Practice and Hard Work (Strength, Balance, Contact, Timing, and Control). The book has received early praise from several athletes and coaches including Grant Hill, Evander Holyfield, R. Jay Barsh, Tyler Summit and Pat Williams, along with recognized leaders AmyK Hutchens, Lee Cockerell, and Carl Lentz.

“When life knocks you down and you just don’t feel like trying again, it can be easy to quit on yourself and your dreams,” says Dave. “But the truth is, great athletes do not reach the pinnacle of success without tasting the bitter pill of defeat a few times along the way. And championship teams never raise the trophy at their welcome-home parade until they flounder a few times first. So as a coach, at your lowest moment is when I want to grab you by the shoulders, make direct eye contact with you, and say, ‘Get back up. Get moving. You have work to do. The game is a long way from being over. Take Another Shot at it.’

DaveMartinAbout Dave Martin: 

Dave Martin is founder and president of Dave Martin International (DMI) which champions principle-based coaching by connecting, encouraging and investing in business leaders, pastors and individuals.  Along with several other board positions, Dave is a member of the Board of Regents for Faith Christian University and he sits on the advisory Board of Joel Osteen’s Champions Network.  Dave is also the author of several best-selling books including The 12 Traits of the Greats and The Force of Favor. Dave, his wife Christine, and their son, Solomon, live in Orlando, Florida.

ISBN:         978-1-943127-03-0
Release:    6/29/2015
Pages:        185 pages
Size:            6 x 9
Binding:   Hardback
Price:         $22.95
Website:   www.davemartin.org 

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