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21 Days to Beat Depression – Feeling Blue! New Campaign can change that in 21 days

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Buffalo, NY – Whether you subscribe to the theory of Blue Monday, there’s little doubt that people, 1 in 10 Americans in fact according to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, suffer from real depression and seasonal affective disorder, a.k.a. the winter time blues. According to the CDC, depression can adversely affect the course and outcome of common chronic conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Depression also can result in increased work absenteeism, short-term disability, and decreased productivity. It’s predicted by the year 2020, depression will be the 2nd most common health problem in the world.

Carol McLeod, bestselling author and CEO of Just Joy!, an advocate for women’s emotional health, wants to change that with her 21 Days to Beat Depression Campaign.

Carol struggled with a deep, dark depression for years after a fight with infertility and losing five children. Carol had two little boys when she got pregnant and lost her baby at 12 weeks. Carol got pregnant and lost another baby at 14 weeks and another one at 16 weeks. After seeing an infertility specialist at Duke, Carol got pregnant again and lost her baby at 19 weeks. Trying once more, Carol got pregnant and lost her baby at 16 weeks. Carol sent five babies to heaven and couldn’t get pregnant anymore. Carol was suffering from depression.

But Carol found ultimate happiness through her faith in God and inspiration in reading scriptures, and she wants to help other women win the fight of depression. “I was delivered from depression before my circumstances ever changed,” says Carol. “I really do believe that joy is God’s will for every day … for every minute that you are breathing the atmosphere of earth.” And even though Carol sent five babies to heaven, today, she has five children on earth.

The 21 Days to Beat Depression campaign is being launched on January 21, 2013, this year’s official Blue Monday. Everyday there will be a plan to follow: a scripture to read, a song to listen to, a funny video clip to watch, or the encouragement of a testimony of another woman who has overcome depression. 21 Days to Beat Depression is a strategic design to overcome depression through encouragement, inspiration, laughter, real answers, and more. “When our emotional health is well, our family, relationships, employment, finances – our entire lifestyle benefits,” says Carol.

Women can access the 21 Days to Beat Depression Campaign on Facebook, twitter@justjoyceo, or through email.

“It takes 21 days, three weeks, to develop a new habit,” states Carol. “We believe we can help women beat depression in 21 days with our strategy and with God’s help.”

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