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Get The Most Out Of Your Team: How Great Leaders Unlock Incredible Growth

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Concord, NH – Regardless of a staff member’s age and attitude, the challenge for any leader is to get the most out of his or her people. Author and expert Jeremy Kingsley shows leaders how to do just that in his new book, Inspired People Produce Results (McGraw-Hill, March 2013).

Most of today’s employees aren’t part of the loyal, hard-working group born between 1946 and 1964, the baby boomers. The younger workers, born between 1965 and 1994, have their own labels: generation X, generation Y, the millennial generation, or generation net. Kingsley calls them “generation me.” They are smart, optimistic, creative, and flexible, and thrive on diversity. Yet they are also known for a sense of entitlement, opinionated dialogue, and free-spending habits. They’re looking for more than a job. They want a relationship with their boss and colleagues. They are used to working at their own pace. They don’t like rigid schedules or long hours. And when assigned a task, there’s a crucial question they ask before they can start: Why?

“The modern manager deals with a very different world from the one managers faced just a generation ago,” states Jeremy. “The pace of change in the workplace is staggering. New companies form and within weeks must expand, merge with another, or shift their emphasis to survive. Technological advances in communication, production, delivery, and service cause us to run harder just to keep pace. If we’re not four steps ahead, we’re falling behind.”

Inspired People Produce Results helps modern managers inspire modern employees to surprising levels of success, with everyone actually enjoying the process.  Jeremy has witnessed first-hand that Inspired People Produce Results and teaches leaders the nine fundamental characteristics each of us must practice to inspire our teams toward success.

“Have you ever heard the phrase, “A manager is a manager?” says Jeremy. “The title is nice, and the respect that goes with being at the top of the team hierarchy is even better. Nevertheless, a manager is a manager…a leader, on the other hand, inspires. I like the definition “to influence, move, or guide.” Leaders motivate their team in ways team members never dreamed of. Managers come and go, but a leader’s influence is never forgotten.”

“Jeremy drives home one of my deepest principles in life and leadership—it’s not about you. Let his words inspire you so that you can inspire others for the greater good,” concludes world-renowned leadership expert Ken Blanchard

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