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America’s Answer to Getting off the Unemployment Line

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New York, NY – According to the most recent income report from the Census Bureau, the income of American household’s continued to shift dramatically in 2011.  The annual income report is considered a key indicator of the economic health of a nation and the middle class.  An estimated 15% or 46.2 million Americans lived in poverty last year according to an article in USA Today.  That number was a slight change from the 15.1% in 2010.

Ricky Cohen believes in entrepreneurship and the risk taking that comes with it, as an answer to the epidemic of unemployment.  Political candidates across the nation have been echoing the same message, stressing the need for entrepreneurship as unemployment is on the rise.  Cohen has lived through this principle when he served as the Chairman and CEO of Conway Stores in New York.  During his tenure, Cohen led the company during its greatest years of growth, making the chain one of the best performing companies in New York City.  He currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of The Conway Capital Organization, an international real estate and development company.

In his new book, Risk to Succeed (McGraw Hill, Nov, 2012) Cohen states “intellectual borders are disappearing.  Geographic boundaries are blurred.  The lines between politics, the business world, and the world of non-profits are fading as key personalities in each discipline take leadership positions in the other.  The local marketplace is global and stake-holders compete and benefit from talent, brain power, and initiative born and nurtured at the furthest points on the planet.  Smart risk-takers have amassed more wealth in nations, and age and experience are revered again – as they were centuries ago.”

In Risk to Succeed (McGraw Hill, Nov, 2012) Cohen presents age-old wisdom from some of history’s most noteworthy leaders and thinkers, formatted into an easy-to-follow business parable.  He has used the same tools to build his own successful companies and charity endeavors.  Cohen has given workshops on the principles featured in the book, leaving participants encouraged to become successful in all areas of their lives.  Cohen says that many of his students have achieved outstanding accolades as they “got off the unemployment line, unlocked their hidden potential, and became trail blazing entrepreneurs”.

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