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Will Cottage Industries Save Our Economy? Yes, If Brig Hart Has Anything to Do With It

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     Current Double Crowne Black Diamond MonaVie Executive, Brig Hart, shares the wealth practices he has learned on the road-of-life in his new book, Why Not You? Why Not Now? The Brig Hart Story, from an industry and company that raised more capital in two years ($2 billion dollars) than many Fortune 500 Companies have made in twelve years. 

Popular books like Business for the 21st Century and KaChing showcase the overwhelming response to Cottage Industries in today’s economy; a model that entrepreneur and author Brig Hart helped found. Robert Kiyosaki has gone so far as to say that network marketing is the only way America will survive this economic downturn. Billionaires Richard Branson and Warren Buffett have both owned network marketing companies, as have entities as diverse as Citigroup to Remington to Jockey. 

Meet the man who is the world’s most successful relational marketer; through Brig’s meteoric rise to success, the history of MonaVie and the network marketing industry were rewritten.

     Hart was on a quest for personal health when he visited Dallin Larsen, CEO of Monarch Health Sciences in Salt Lake City, Utah, to sample his juice drink with the renowned acai berry. Brig was not visiting Dallin to get involved in his business; he just wanted to feel better. Brig’s health improved dramatically and he knew Dallin had a good thing. “I knew I had found something special,” states Brig. “We agreed that if Dallin could move the company’s focus to the juice, we’d invest in it.” At the end of 2009, MonaVie was a billion-dollar business. The company was named by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing private company in the Food & Beverage category, and was number 18 overall on the magazine’s Top 500 list.

     In Hart’s new book, Why Not You? Why Not Now? The Brig Hart Story, Brig teaches the very principles he has learned and has used to train and mentor more millionaires than anyone else in the country. “I went to work on designing a new total support system of relational marketing through my company R3Global, something that, oddly enough, had never been done before in network marketing companies other than ours—at least none with which I was familiar. In other companies, the emphasis was on building the business; with our total support system, I wanted to help build the entire person,” affirms Brig.

     Brig boldly believes that people need to take control over their financial future. “Most wealthy people work for themselves; they own their own businesses, rather than living under the Damocles Sword of the next company-mandated downsizing, or hoping to get a check from a government-championed retirement plan… It is obvious that we now live in the Informational Age rather than the Industrial Age. That’s why I believe relational marketing will be the premier approach to business in the future.”

      Vision, planning, and effort are required to succeed in the Cottage Industry but no other opportunity exists to create wealth without substantial amounts of education, seed capital or special skills. “I started my first network marketing business with an overdrawn bank account.  I didn’t have any money back then.  But I do now!” laughs Brig.  “Someone else says, ‘If you want to be a success, go to school, get good grades, and when you graduate, you can get a good job.  Then if you work really, really hard, you’ll get rich.’ Don’t get me wrong; I’m not denigrating education, and I believe greatly in hard work, but merely having a good education and working hard will not guarantee that you will be wealthy.”

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