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Financial Marital Bliss: Time-Tested Advice to Launch Couples into Financial Security and Freedom

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Seattle, WA – When it comes to finances couples need help, especially engaged or newly married couples who approach spending and saving differently. Money causes more fights than sex or household chores and is the number one cause of divorce.

“Turning down the financial heat between men and women is not easy because we come at money from such different perspectives,” states Matt Bell, personal finance writer, speaker, and author of Money and Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples.  Consider the following:

 –          Men and women have different spending priorities. Men are more likely to indulge on electronics; women on travel.

–          Men and women view money through different emotional filters. When asked which terms best describe their feelings about money, men are more likely to choose confidence; women are more likely to pick anxiety, apprehension and confusion.

–          Men and women are interested in different financial topics. Men follow investing and entrepreneurship; women prefer savings, frugality, and shopping.

Different perspectives equal conflict. Research shows we tend to magnify the difficulty by choosing mates who are especially different than we are when it comes to money; tightwads tend to marry spendthrifts, and vice versa.

What’s a newly engaged or newly married couple to do with these despairing facts?   

In Money and Marriage, Matt encourages couples to learn to use money in a way that minimizes financial disputes, contributes greatly to marital happiness, and gives couples a sense of deep joy and satisfaction by understanding where the other spouse is coming from in regard to money. “By talking about the various influences that have impacted your use of money,” states Bell, “you will gain empathy for each other, identify potential sources of financial conflict, and better understand each other’s financial strengths and weaknesses.”

Practical sound financial advice, Money and Marriage offers specific financial instruction and gives additional questions to discuss so that couples can use money to work as a team in accomplishing their financial goals, including:

* Financial full disclosure for couples: a discussion guide to determine net worth, financial goals and aspirations, and everything in between.

* Financial Temperament Quiz: how your temperaments affect your finances.

*  A 10-step action plan for a better financial future.

*  A checklist of important financial decisions and documents every married couple should have in order.

*  Ruthlessly avoiding debt, and if in debt, how to eliminate it quickly.

*  Two chapters on house buying and how much to spend.

*  Interactive exercises to reveal the couples approach to money, along with discussion questions to guide the process.

Answers to most financial questions are readily available online. Yet there seems to be no end to the number of people who struggle and drift toward too much debt, too little savings, and more than enough financial stress. Bell believes it’s because few people understand who they are and what their lives are all about: “Once I understood that I am a manager of God’s resources instead of an owner, or worse, a consumer, I began to understand the purpose of my life. And by understanding the purpose of my life, I understood for the first time the purpose of money.”

For More Information or For an Interview, Contact Scott Spiewak, sspiewak@freshimpactpr.com

ISBN: 9781615215614

PRICE: $14.99

PAGES: 240, Trade Paperback, SIZE: 5 ½ x 8 ¼

PUBLISHER: NavPress www.navpress.com, STREET DATE: March 15, 2011

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