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411 God Hope for Heroes FAQ

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1. why is my address required for signing up?

a. getting as much information about you up front allows us to streamline the donation process for those who choose to contribute to the ministry of 411God.

2. who developed 411God?

a.411God is brought to you by the center for bible engagement, a ministry of back to the bible.

3. how is 411God funded?

a. 411God is funded through the generous donations of ministry partners, and 411God users like you.

4. how much does 411God cost me?

a. nothing. you are not required to pay anything to receive 411God.

b. though we do not charge for 411God, be aware that standard cell and internet service charges still apply.

5. is 411God available in other countries?

a. we are currently unable to provide 411God voice calls outside of the united states and canada. not because we don’t want to. someday we hope to, but it’s complicated!

b. emails: 411God emails are available everywhere. when creating your account, select “other” as your country and enter “000-000-0000” as your phone number.

6. i missed today’s 411God, are past 411God messages available?

a. yes. every 411God message is available on our archives page.

7. how soon after i sign up will i receive my first call?

a. allow at least 24 hours before expecting your first call. depending on when you sign up, your first call may come tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

8. why do i need a user name and password to access my account now?

a. the 411God account allows users to access and make changes to their personal settings.

b. during our test phase, users had no access to their personal settings. they could only make changes by filling out the signup form again.

c. yeah, a bit confusing. that’s why we changed it.

9. which bible translation does 411God use?

a. 411God uses the new living translation published by tyndale house publishers.

10. how long has 411God been around?

a. 411God launched its test phase on january 21, 2008 as little more than an experiment. we wanted to see if we could distribute god’s word in a meaningful way via cell phones and email to a large number of people. the initial test was a success and as word-of-mouth spread, we continued to refine and improve the 411God service. the test phase officially ended on january 19, 2009 with the upgrading of the 411God.net website and the implementation of user accounts and the ability to make donations.

b. if you were a part of that test phase, thank you very much for sharing 411God with your friends! we couldn’t do it without you!

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